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HMS Coventry Summer 1981 Newsletter
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Dave Beeton's photos

Flight Deck southbound March 82 - Perry Mason, Steve Allwood, Ian Atkinson, Johnno & John Dobson (one of our lost colleagues), March 1982

HMS Coventry in Gibraltar harbour from the top of the rock undergoing engine maintenance prior to the trip southwards, 1982

Hands to bathe on the equator on the journey southwards, 1982

Eric the Tiffy with false tatoos, March 1982

Flight deck games - Steve Allwood trying to fly, March 1982

Flight deck games, March 1982

Flight deck spectators Pete Drummond and Ray Galeozzie, March 1982

Me and Neil Herriott having a light hearted sporting disagreement, March 1982

More flight deck spectators - think they are Sticky Leach, Ray Galeozzie, ?, ?, Steve Allwood & Pete Drummond maybe, March 1982

John Woodhouse & Neil Herriott station leave in Portugal, September 1981

Me at morning stand easy, middle watches never did me any good!

Me in relaxed ceremonial on entering Lisbon, September 1981

Me on returning back from the South Atlantic, June 1982

QE2 returning to Southampton in June 1982 with ships companies from Antelope, Ardent and Coventry, with Queen Mum waving, June 1982

Shore connection box minor fire damage, sorry guys forgotten your names, review the damage

Neil Herriott (LHOM) & Barry Wakefield assisting greet officer of the day for rounds, Christmas 1981

Me receiving my South Atlantic medal at HMS Northwood from the skipper some time in 1982, 1982

A studious LWEM(R) Tilbury with John Woodhouse just in shot too

Three of the 3P Messdeck 'marrows' on station leave in Portugal's Algarve (me, John Woodhouse and Neil Herriott), September 1981

Tills and Neil Herriott giving Barry Wakefield a nutty search

Tommy Cooper having one of his moments like only he could

Coventry's 'Tug of War Team' in Kiel. Elli, Stevie Stevenson, Bomber, Simon Rouse, Johnno, Tills, Clubs, ?, 1981

More of the Tug of War team - Simon Rouse, Bomber, Elli, Stevie Stevenson, Tills, ?, Johnno, 1981

Flight deck spectators - not sur

John Lee, Russian sub surfaces I believe during Spring Train in the Atlantic, 1981

Marcel Le Clerc dressed to impress and with teddy, all for a joke we hope!

Coventry's tug of war team get into action finally, Kiel, 1981

Skipper and Lord Mayor of Coventry following the service in Coventry to commemorate the ship and crew lost in the South Atlantic

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