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 Paul Inman

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HMS Coventry Summer 1981 Newsletter
Four Weeks in May
Sea of Fire
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Paul Inman's photos

Woody Woodruff, George Wells and Joe O'Driscoll, Far East, 1980

Higgy and Chippy, Portsmouth, 1981

Knocker & Danny Daniels, 3Q Mess

Sean Swords & Paul Inman (Mick Isaacs QM in background)

Rod Haslar & Clive Dunn, 3Q Mess, 1981

Paul Inman, 3Q Mess, 1981

Sean Swords & Paul Inman with the Ships Flight 336, Holland, 1981

Joe O'Driscoll & Paddy Cassey, Germany, 1981

Jimmy Greaves Side Party, Germany, 1981

Sean Swords Side Party, Germany, 1981

Neil Harrington Weapons Electrical, Germany, 1981

Steve Ingleby Side Party, Germany, 1981

Danny Daniels, Jimmy Greaves, Sean Swords and Sid Sudworth, Germany, 1981

Paul Inman, Rod Haslar, Steve Ingleby, Ginge Crook and Harry Harrison, Lisbon, 1981

Ginge Crook, Rod Haslar, Steve Ingleby and Paul Inman, Lisbon, 1981

Paul Inman, Standing Naval Force Atlantic, 1981

Rod Haslar, Paul Inman and Simon Rouse, RAS at Sea, 1981

Rod Haslar & Simon Rouse, RAS at Sea, 1981

Sean Swords, Paul Inman and Simon Rouse, RAS at Sea, 1981

Jack Warner, Sean Swords and Knocker at sea, 1981

Paul Inman, Sean Swords, Chris Eames, Steve Ingleby, Stevie Stevenson and Maggie Magnall, 3Q Mess, 1982

Paul Inman, Gibraltar, 1982

Paul Inman & Simon Rouse, RAS - South Atlantic-bound, 1982

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