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 National Memorial Arboretum

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A selection of photos from Mick 'Jack' Daniels.

armed forces memorial, 30/10/09

armed forces memorial - engraved walls 1946 - to present day, 30/10/09

looking towards 1982 engravings, 30/10/09

Our shipmates, 30/10/09

Our shipmates, 30/10/09

cross left beneath our shipmates names, 30/10/09

a fallen comrade - armed forces memorial, 30/10/09

Light shines through gap onto memorial on 11/11/11, 30/10/09

a fallen comrade - a family grieve - armed forces memorial, 30/10/09

Inside the armed forces memorial - surrounded by 16,000 names- who live forever more, 30/10/09

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