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Steve Selwyn Hunt

United Kingdom

posted: 20.10.2016 15:47

Bob Drummonds post, Chris or Barney Campbell, we got no ties left in stock?
bob drummond

United Kingdom

posted: 16.10.2016 21:14

can anyone tell me where I can buy a hms coventy tie.
COL Ron Ti


posted: 12.10.2016 07:14

Dear Coventry members,
I have absolutely nothing to do with the RN or Coventry but was reading this website because I am giving a talk on \"damage Control Resuscitation \"to a military medicine conference and came across a photo of your ship on that fatal last day. I am using it to illustrate the concept of \"damage control\".I have had the privilege of deploying on operations alongside HM forces including many RN members. I salute your service and am impressed and most humbled by your efforts to never forget the ship and the 19 who gave their lives for freedom, pure and simple.
Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 02.10.2016 20:42

Dear all,
Next Sunday - 9th October i will be running for the Veterans mental health charity \'Combat Stress\'in the Royal Parks half marathon in London.I will be running in an Action stations kit i last donned on the 25th May 1982.The Number 8\'s are those issued to us on the QE2 the night before we sailed into Southampton (surprisingly they still fit!)The anti-flash has been kindly loaned by Rocky Hudson.I have an action station story and page at:
Any support is gratefully received. Many thanks,
Mick Daniels
Ex AB(S)
H.M.S Coventry
Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 16.09.2016 14:34

Andrew in Canada, the post you just made re a possible \'imposter\', can you please identify your goodself to me directly on my personal email. We can take it from there shipmate.