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Janet Carr

10.06.2017 07:28

Hello my father in law served on HMS Coventry in the Second World War he was a stoker from Chorley Lancashire Dick Carr, we have an oil painting of HMS Coventry which we would like to donate this and wandered if your organisation would be interested or someone would, many thanks Janet Carr
Antony J Hemmings

United Kingdom

06.06.2017 13:21

RIP to all that lost there lives on that boat fighting for a little island thousands of miles a away. And to all the other sailors and soldiers that also lost their lives. And last but not least RIP Dad if only this never happened perhaps you would still be here today you will never be forgotten.😢
bernard campbell

United Kingdom

26.05.2017 17:29

hello again Chris-have been trying to send the payment transfer over for uckers board - but not accepting the name as too many digits in name ie over 18 ...been trying for over 30 minutes - drop me an email when you get this ..Barny - using my NatWest online account .
Valerie Pollard

United Kingdom

26.05.2017 13:50

Thank you to Chris Howe for keeping us informed of the various HMS Coventry events and for organising the reunion.We were pleased to be able to attend at both Portsmouth & Coventry this year. Pleased to see so many at both events.
Chris & Val Pollard
Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

26.05.2017 11:53

Shipmates, families and friends of HMS Coventry D118 -

As Chairman I am now reflecting after a very busy and emotional period over the last week or so. It was great to see so many Cov shipmates (inc the skipper) there at last Saturday\'s service of remembrance and reunion, after 35 years we still care and remember with such passion and long may it be so.

Also the Gosport FVF parade the following Sunday morning, an impressive turn out by Coventry D118 and by far the largest group on parade, BZ shipmates.

Some of us also attended in Coventry city yesterday on the 25th May, the Lord Mayor held his own service of remembrance for HMS Coventry, we paraded the standard and the cross of nails at the Holy Trinity church, around a dozen or so shipmates and family members turned out which was impressive after being down south last weekend, so again BZ to those of us attending. We were of course so well supported by the local council, community, cadet force and the RNA as well as other organisations such as T42 Association and HMS Birmingham. Thank you so much for that.

As chairman, after a short rest, I now look to next year\'s agenda and have already had early discussions yesterday in Coventry, we will be holding the annual gathering in Coventry City on Friday 25th May 2018, likely muster time around 1700 or so, so get the date in your diaries and keep checking the website for the itinerary in the coming months.

I am sure you all took the tot yesterday as I did on several occasions, so \'Up Spirits\' as we remember all our shipmates still on patrol from 35 years ago. Stay safe and well.

Yours Aye - Chairman