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Dougie Douglas

United States

posted: 21.11.2017 16:57

Jane - Bones was the nickname of Lee Collier, LS(M) onboard. I\'ve looked on Facebook for him but the closest I can find is someone who looks very like him but is too young to be him, so I\'m guessing it\'s his son (also named Lee).
Jane Radley

United Kingdom

posted: 20.11.2017 01:25

I\'m related to Steve (chuck) Berry who I believe was a gunner who was on HMS Coventry during the Falklands conflict. Recently after a few whiskeys he started talking about someone called \'Bones\'? Can anyone enlighten me with a name?
Kind Regards
John Crowley

United States

posted: 16.11.2017 01:53

I am looking for Keith Harker from the Coventry crew. I knew him on Ascention Island.
Simon 'Molly' Sugden

United Kingdom

posted: 14.11.2017 22:57

Hi Shipmates
Just wanted to let everybody know that John Mew(Clubz) is raising money for two charities by doing the SAS selection run over the Brecon Beacons anyone wishing to support his efforts please see below extract from his Facebook page

Thank you for looking at my Virgin Justgiving page.
I am attempting to complete the 24k Fan Dance race (SAS selection route) over the Brecon Beakons for 2 charities.
This is a difficult challenge and I\'ll have to push myself \"To The Limit and Beyond\"
I hope you support my efforts for 2 worthy Charities.
Please if you feel able could you share my page



United Kingdom

posted: 07.09.2017 10:42

I am John Hemmings sister and I just found out this morning from Johns daughter Louise the address of this site and the first name I recognise on the roll of honour is KYE BEN KWO the laundry man. John got very emmotional when he told me about Kye and then true to form down came this invisible barrier. I suppose it must be hard to talk to people who have not been a part of that trauma.Post Trauma Stress Syndrome was something I had\'nt heard of.I have heard so many times talking about things helps but how do you talk about things when you dont have the words. Your just a ball of feelings that just gets bigger (that is from the outside is what seemed to be happening to John) and the more he tried to achieve a sustainable independant future for himself and his family the bigger and more apparent it became that something was staying with John and becoming more and more of a distraction to Johns future ambitions. Sometimes I felt he was on a treadmill going faster and faster like he was running from something getting busier and busier but the PTSS (now we know what it was) invaded everything. His work his relationships. I am so glad more is known about this condition but it does\'nt help me the world is not the same without my brother.