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Rochelle Bonney


posted: 27.06.2002 07:18

I just read about may 25th I\'m sorry to here about what happened, just when you think you know about every bad thing that\'s going personal condolescences.
Rochelle Bonney


posted: 27.06.2002 07:11

Hello, some friends and myself are looking for Robert Burns who was in cairns in 2000 we\'d love to catch up. Sorry to use this site to contact. Thanks-Rochelle Bonney CAIRNS 2002
lilian a. richards

United Kingdom

posted: 24.06.2002 18:57

I would like to use your excellent web site to thank the person who left such a moving tribute to my son Adrian(Ade) Sunderland who was lost on H.M.S Coventry.Unfortuneately I could\'t read a name and was only in Portsmouth for the day.The web site is great.Thanks
steve hale

United Kingdom

posted: 17.06.2002 17:56

A long awaited site.

For a long time there have been many questions unanswered about the tragic loss, I was fortunate to have been working for DRSO when channel 4 made the going critical documentary, some of which was filmed on \" birmingham\", sister ship to ,\"coventry\", the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when Bill Canning said that \" he forgot coventry for a moment\", and I remember thinking that there would be a lot of eyebrows raised in the MOD when this is screened
Martin Geary

United Kingdom

posted: 12.06.2002 21:05

Members of 824 \'F\' Flight RFA Fort Austin, also remember your sad day. We wish you well.

This is an excellent website. Well done.