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Phil West [AEM(R) Broads

United Kingdom

26.05.2002 18:57

Great website

It has all come back to me again particularly strongly this year. At quiet moments I recall the events of those few days and especially the 25th. I don\'t know how long I spent on the focsle that day bringing the Coventry boys on board. Their resolute composure and attitude that night is still with me in my thoughts, as are those I never knew that we left behind that night. It is now half a lifetime away yet nothing I have done or am likely to do will have as profound an effect on me as those few short days.
Tanzy Lee

United Kingdom

26.05.2002 16:04

I thought about it all over again yesterday (25.05) as I do every year. I hope there are plenty of hang overs today after your reunion. Hope to see some of you Covs for a beer at Sultan in June. Great site. Well done Danien.

Best wishes to you all.

Tanz. ex LS(S).

Treasurer Broadsword Assoc.

United Kingdom

25.05.2002 17:46

20 years ago tonight I lost a major part of my life, HMS Coventry; and along with it 19 shipmates, whom I will never forget; God bless you all.

I always make a point of having a few moments to myself on the 25th May, and a beer or two Unfortunately I was unable to make Coventry\'s re-union this year, but hopeful I will be there on the next one. Hope to see all you ex-Cov\'s at HMS Sultan in June.

Good Luck Shipmates


Jackie Hardy

United Kingdom

25.05.2002 14:46

My brother was MEM STEPHEN TONKIN I would like to thank Damien for the hard work he has put into making this website possible, and for keeping the memory of HMS COVENTRY and its 19 crewmembers that were sadly lost that day in our thoughts.
Kev Lyon Stoker HMS Broad

United Kingdom

25.05.2002 10:03

20 Yrs today still thinking about it

Great site keep it up will add a link from wigan RNA web site