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Simon ( Stan ) Matthews

United Kingdom

29.01.2003 19:00

served on the Cov 3q mess as a gunner AB(M), was great to see some old faces down at the reunion summer 2002, Simon Rouse, Doc savage, Stevie Inglby,etc hope to see you in 2003 regards, Simon (Stan),
Chris Glasow

United Kingdom

24.01.2003 19:27

I had the honour of carrying out part of the weapon tuning at Cammel Laird shipyard. It was a real experience, especially during the strikes!

A great ship
Paul INMAN ex AB(S)

United Kingdom

23.01.2003 21:50

Ex Cov’s & 3Q Mess where are you?

Come on guys; let’s get back together for a re-union. I am sure there are plenty out there willing to make the effort – time is moving on and life is too short. Let’s get together this year for a few beers and a few ‘black cats – When I was on the Coventry’.

Made it to the Cenotaph last November with the South Atlantic Medal Association. Simon Rouse and Boris of 3Q fame were there! We had a good day, remembered lost shipmates, swung the lamp and talked ‘Jack’, took the **** out the Paras (a great bunch of guys who had me in stitches with there old stories) and drank loads of beer.

May be 2003 will be the year?

Dinger Bell (ex POWEM(O))

United Kingdom

03.01.2003 08:29

Nice to find the site. Maybe now I can get to the reunions

United Kingdom

20.12.2002 15:14

I came across the site by accident ,I served on the Coventry as an A/B(s) from 1978-Dec 1980 would love to hear from anyone who remembers me ,brilliant site,if there are any more reunions I would love to hear about them, it would be great to get in touch with some of the lads again.