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Jim (Rocky) Hudson


posted: 05.05.2003 17:12

Very good site, and very informative. I served on the Cov from 1981 to just prior to sailing for the Falklands. By far the best ship I served on. Very good mates, very happy memories. I have a good stock of incriminating photos from the far east that I will now have to scan in and post!!

PS. I am not really in Bulgaria, I just could not be bothered to scroll down to the UK!
jenna fisher

United Kingdom

posted: 28.04.2003 08:52

hi i think one of my old friends works on hms coventry.

if anyone knows him please e-mail me at his name is Dale rothwell

thanks x
Tony Leeks

United Kingdom

posted: 16.04.2003 23:10

Came acroos the site by accident. It has now been bookmarked.

I piped Coventry out of Pompey from HMS Vernon at the start of Global 80. Little did I know that my E.R.P. would be activated. I joined the ship in Istanbul and left a couple of months later in Hong Kong.I still have my \"Snoopys War Canoe\" T shirt.Great ship, great ships company. I am still in contact with Bob \"Ginge\" Applegate. May 25th is a date I shall always remember. (Half my kit is still in the roofspace of the Port side for\'d Chiefs cabin!)

jim dowds

United Kingdom

posted: 12.04.2003 20:03

cheers to all the lads of the coventry from jim (george)dowds and loz (pancho) wanty ex chefs mess
steve annable (george) we

United Kingdom

posted: 27.03.2003 02:01

just found site. made up. never seen anyone since QE2 talk to me. keep up the good work.