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Dave Baglee

United Kingdom

posted: 27.06.2003 23:31

I served on the Cov, from build up in Liverpool,as an AB(M) (WE SEAMAN), and left just before the Far East Deployment, Great Ship, great times, and Sad but proud ending.

Dave Baglee
Brian Callus

United Kingdom

posted: 16.06.2003 10:57

MEA Paul Callus was my son. I visited the memorial on Pebble Island during the 2002 Pilgrimage and was much moved by the memorial site and the very appreciative response of the islanders to the sacrifice made on their behalf.
Steve Blenkharn

United Kingdom

posted: 07.06.2003 23:00

Excellent site! My dad \'CPO Keith Blenkharn\' was on the Coventry in \'82. For all those who remember him, he sadly died 2 years ago of a heart attack. Too many \'babies heads\' i think\'!!

United Kingdom

posted: 07.06.2003 01:43

My dad served on HMS Hermes, but my next door neighbour was on the Coventry on 25 May 1982.

Brave men, one and all. I\'ll always remain proud of all those who have fought to protect my freedom. God bless you all.
Jim Hendy

United Kingdom

posted: 05.06.2003 13:20

Great site keep up the good work, May 25 is always a sad, but perhaps contradictory, a proud day. As I remember all those lost and in particular WEA/A Ian \"Stumpy\" Williams. I believe one of very few Apprentices lost in active service.

God bless you all