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Paul Inman

United Kingdom

posted: 06.09.2017 20:33

It is with great sadness that I have been told that our shipmate Chris ‘Higgy’ Higginson crossed the bar on Saturday 2nd September 2017.

Higgy’s funeral will be on 18th September at 11:30 at The Oaks Crematorium, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 5NA.

RIP in peace my friend.
Simon 'Molly' Sugden

United Kingdom

posted: 27.08.2017 17:08

Hi Shipmates
Hope everybody is well and enjoying the Bank Holiday.

I just wanted to let all ex Cov members that then went on to serve in HMS Nottingham that there is a planned reunion 35 years on, the date is 18th May 2018 and is taking place in Nottingham. If anybody would like further details please contact me 07727 123231 and I will put you in contact with the organiser. There is also an fb page HMS Nottingham 1st Commission

Many thanks

Claire mills

United Kingdom

posted: 26.08.2017 10:45

I am John hemmings widow, I came across this sight last night and found people talking about John how he was a hero saving life\'s. And his son Antony hemmings wanting information about him. I\'m Louise\'s mum Johns second wife he committed suicide in 1992 when Louise was just 6 months old due to what he suffered at the Falklands. I\'m pleased to say Antony Hemmings is in touch with Louise.
steve shimmo shimmens

United Kingdom

posted: 06.08.2017 15:20

just watched the video of the deployment 1980 great is captain coward.
Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 02.08.2017 11:48

Shipmates, due to a late cancellation, would anyone like a pair of tickets for this year\'s afternoon live performance at the Royal Albert Hall for the 2017 Festival of Remembrance Service? To take place on Sat 11 Nov, 1400.

You would be joining 5 other Cov D118 shipmates plus our significant halves in a Grand Tier Box that seats 12, so a good position.

Our little group have been attending regularly over recent years and it is a great event to witness in \'rig of the day\' Jackets/Ties/Medals. The cost would be £65 for the pair, we also have a social program for the whole weekend actually but you can join in as much as you would like or just the Albert Hall, maybe wets and dinner with us after?

Anyone interested in joining us give me a call on 07786 156763 when I can give you the full details and answer any questions.

Yours Aye - Chairman